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Professional Organizing

We come in and survey the needs and situation make a plan:

  • any room
  • garages
  • closets, drawers, etc.

There are never two clients with the same story, yet most of the needs are about the same. What we want is to have a place for everything and know where to find it.

Remodeling your home, things need to be moved or cleaned out to clear away clutter and junk.

Haven’t looked in the closets for years, time to clear them out. The garage is a disaster…. Really with a little help and determination all jobs are achievable.

Call us and we can talk and laugh as we get through the thick of your stuff!


Holiday Decorating

Business or Home – Creating a warm cozy holiday feeling using all of your own stuff. Or starting new – Company is coming and you just can’t get it all done, I’m your girl!

Business is booming and you need help.  Call me!

New Business and have nothing to work with and just need a little help- again, I can help you!

Personal Shopping

You live far away and need a personal delivery, maybe chocolates to go with your flowers.   

Or you just want someone to run your errands? I really can help!


Dahlia Tubers

The best in Kitsap County- size, quality, and selection. Every Spring it’s time to add to the Dahlia Garden. For some wonderful dahlia tuber additions to your garden contact me for a full available list. Tubers are sold each year from Mid April-June.

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I do my very best to return calls promptly!

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